Escape Without Really Leaving

The Mountain Waves Escape

A guest recently told me one of the reasons she loves coming to Mountain Waves Healing Arts. “It’s like a mini-vacation without the expense or the hassle of traveling,” she said. I began thinking about this and developed a greater understanding of how important Mountain Waves Healing Arts is becoming during these times of economic uncertainty.

I’ve spoken to more and more people who are curtailing or eliminating distant vacation plans in order to stay closer to home this summer. I’ve heard it called “taking a staycation”. It makes sense to me, since we live in a place where many people from around the world want to vacation. So taking advantage of our many local attractions is a good way to save fuel and money. One of the reasons to get away, however, is to find that mental and emotional rejuvenation that comes with leaving it all behind.

That’s where Mountain Waves comes in. We have classes every day of the week, mornings and evenings. In a little over an hour you can return to a place of mental clarity and physical revitalization for only $12 (less if you subscribe with one of our monthly passes). All of our classes in Yoga, T’ai Chi, Pilates, Feldenkrais® and meditation are intended to bring greater balance to your mind, body and spirit. After a class, you can sit in our lobby and enjoy casual conversation with friends over a fruit smoothie, lingering a little longer on your mini-vacation.

On vacations, many people love a little pampering. Our massage and bodywork is truly therapeutic work. Yet our therapists incorporate the intention of building greater awareness of the relationship between your body and your mental and emotional states. We do this in an environment that is personal and nurturing, allowing you to let go of the pressures of responsibility, by allowing someone else to care for you for a while.

The ultimate escape, hands down is our AquaZaé, aquatic bodywork. For an hour you are floated in 98 degree salt water with a therapist who moves you in relaxing movements allowing the resistance of the water to relax your muscles and calm your nervous system. AquaZaé creates the conditions by which you can escape your body. In fact, many guests report loosing all sense of their body, the water and the room during the session – allowing them to leave it all behind and vacation at their own custom resort within themselves. When they are finished, many have reported being able to hold on to their feeling of wellbeing for days, just as if they’d been away on vacation for a week!

Best of all, instead of only having one vacation per summer, you can have these mini-vacations at Mountain Waves multiple times per week! So if you haven’t taken the opportunity to sample our many services, I invite you to explore the many possibilities for escape at Mountain Waves.

I look forward to seeing you on your next vacation.


About Paul Kulpinski, LMT

Paul Kulpinski is a licensed massage therapist, holistic wellness coach and co-founder of Mountain Waves Healing Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona with over 15 years experience in helping people achieve their optimum state of well being. Information contained in this blog should not be taken as medical advice. Readers are advised to validate the information presented here with other sources including your personal physician for information specific to you.
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